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Obtaining a Certificate of Origin (Chamber of Commerce)  (1) expand_more expand_less
Obtain an insurance policy expand_more expand_less
Obtaining a conformity certificate for export purposes expand_more expand_less
Obtaining a bill of lading and transport document  (3) expand_more expand_less
Obtaining an authorization number to benefit from simplified rules of origin for export to the EU expand_more expand_less
Contracting with a clearance company (1/2) expand_more expand_less
Export procedure by sea  (10) expand_more expand_less
Authentication of movement certificate (EUR 1) expand_more expand_less
Contracting with a clearance company (2/2) expand_more expand_less

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Summary of the procedure

Institutions involved 7 expand_more expand_less

Amman Chamber of Commerce
Shipping companies (x 3)
Aqaba Container Port (x 6)
ASYCUDA Worldwide Website / Customs Department
Customs Centers - Jordan Customs Department
Electronic Payment
Aqaba Customs Center/ Inspection site

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Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Original goods export invoice
Certificate of origin certified by the Chamber of Industry and the MoITS
Certified export invoice

Estimated cost JOD  45

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JOD expand_more expand_less
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This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Cost detail

Estimate your cost

Stamping the certificate of origin by the importation stamp" stamps fees are for the Ministry of Finance".
JOD 0 -
0.1 % goods-value
In the case of the company’s capital is 5000 dinars or more, or in case of an individual unregistered: the fee is 0.1% of the value of the total invoice, with a maximum of 50 dinars and a minimum of 4 dinars.
JOD 30
Fees for an export customs declaration Customs Department
JOD 10
Import stamps on customs declaration
JOD 0 -
JOD  2 per Container
radiation control fee
JOD 0 -
JOD  0.5 per Container
Import stamps on shipping fees
JOD 0 -
JOD  5 per Container
Passage fee for goods of Jordanian origin

Total Duration 2h.  - 2d   expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Total time (sum): 2h. 2d
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum): 5mn 45mn
Attention at counter: 1h. 55mn 7h. 40mn
Waiting time until next step (sum): 0mn 4h.

Laws 13 expand_more expand_less

تعميم بدل طوابع صادرات Circulated fee for export stamps
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  Chapters ter Five -, ter Nine - ,  articles Five - icles 69-72, icle 161, icles 61-64, icles 61-65
بدلات الخدمات دائرة الجمارك Customs Service Allowances
تعميم الدفع الإلكتروني- دائرة الجمارك Electronic Payment Circulation - Customs Department
IATA Rolls IATA Rolls Worldwide Safety Audit Programme International Air Transport Association
تعليمات إصدار شهادات المنشأ لسنة 2013 Instructions for issuing certificates of origin for the year 2013
  Article icles 1 to 18
التعليمات والإجراءات والوثائق المطلوبة للمصادقة على الفواتير التجارية (فواتير التصدير/إعادة التصدير) وإصدار شهادات المنشأ لدى غرفة تجارة عمان Instructions, procedures and documents required to authenticate commercial invoices (export/re-export invoices) and issue certificates of origin with the Amman Chamber of Commerce
نظام غرف التجارة رقم 45 لسنة 2009 Jordan Chambers of Commerce Regulations No. 45 of for the year 2009
  Article icle 29
قانون النقل على الطرق الأردني Jordanian Road Transport Law
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لائحة بدلات خدمات ميناء حاويات العقبة لسنة 2019 List of Aqaba Container Port Services Allowances for the Year 2019
  Article icle 3 Point 6
قائمة الاتفاقيات التجارية العالمية List of global trade agreements with Jordan
بلاغ وثيقة نقل Notice/ Necessity to present a transfer document
  Article Notification 20 of 2008
الأحكام الخاصة بالاعمال Provisions for container port business Container Terminal business provisions
  articles Clause D, Paragraph 3, Point 2, Point 4, icle C
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