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Testing and stamping of Jewelery  (4) expand_more expand_less

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Summary of the procedure

Institutions involved 1 expand_more expand_less

Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (x 4)

Results 2 expand_more expand_less

Gold testing result
Stamped deposit statement

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Paid customs declaration
Certificate of origin audited by customs
Commercial invoice
Deposit statement - gold (x 2)
Payment Receipt - gold
Gold testing result
Deposit statement after examination - gold

Estimated cost JOD  600

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JOD expand_more expand_less
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This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Cost detail

Estimate your cost

JOD 600
In exchange for stamping one kilogram of imported gold jewellery
JOD 0 -
16 % Sales tax

Total Duration 1d  - 3d 1/2  expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Total time (sum): 1d 3d 1/2
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum): 1h. 45mn 3h. 10mn
Attention at counter: 2h. 15mn 1d 1/2
Waiting time until next step (sum): 4h. 2d

Laws 3 expand_more expand_less

قرار بالموافقة على تخفيض الأجور المستوفاة على فحص المصوغات والمعادن الثمينة A decision approving the reduction of wages levied on the examination of jewelry & precious metals
تعليمات المصوغات المعدلة 2-2019 Modified Jewellry Instructions 2-2019
  Article icle 8-2
قانون المواصفات والمقاييس رقم 22 لسنة 2000 Standards and Metrology Law No. 22 for the year 2000 and its amendments
  articles icle 23, icle 30A
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